ProDentim: What Is It, And Why You Should Care


There are many people who are switching to ProDentim because of its simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability. If you haven’t tried this product, read on to find out why so many people are switching today.

What is ProDentim?

Dentists have offered several solutions to prevent oral health problems, but people aren’t focused on or disciplined enough. In that case, they recommend considering a supplement like ProDentim.

ProDentim focuses on the microbiome of the mouth. For those unfamiliar with this term, the ‘microbiome’ is the scientific idea behind many of the probiotics in supplements we have today. The theory of the microbiome states that individuals’ health depends on a mix of beneficial bacteria in friends and other important places within their body. Probiotics are used to help your unique gut, but when we heard about ProDentim’s effort, we were eager to learn more!

In the human mouth, there are more than enough strains of probiotics to host ten times the number of cells people have on their entire bodies. Some strains are dangerous, but others are necessary for health and wellness in the mouth. Artificial replenishment of bacteria can be increased by introducing more helpful bacterial strains to the teeth and gums, as a way to preserve our oral health.

You’ll struggle to find an oral probiotic for sale with 3.5 billion viable cells that’s affordable, easy-to-use, and has five major strains of active probiotics—all in one single container.


How Does ProDentim Work?

ProDentim is a new oral health product that was recently released on the market. It is a toothpaste that is designed to help improve gum health and prevent periodontal disease. ProDentim contains several ingredients that are known to be effective in promoting healthy gums, such as potassium nitrate, alginate, and xylitol.

The purpose of ProDentim is to help reduce inflammation and bacteria in the mouth. This will help to improve gum health and reduce the risk of developing periodontal disease. In addition, ProDentim helps to remove plaque and bacteria from teeth surfaces, which can also help to prevent periodontal disease.

ProDentim is available in both kits and individual tubes. The kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, flossing material, instructions, and a warranty. The individual tube version does not include a brush or toothpaste; it only contains the active ingredients of ProDentim.

ProDentim Ingredients and Benefits

The benefits of taking ProDentim are shown not in a specific section on our website, but we believe that there are some key advantages experienced by users who take it regularly. Here’s a closer look at the five main ingredients in the supplement, and some of their direct effects on the mouth.

Lactobacillus Paracasei. This bacteria provides two main benefits, both of which are important for overall health and wellbeing. As such, it helps consumers feel their best during the day while encouraging healthy sinuses.

Lactobacillus Reuteri is an integral part of a healthy oral microbiome. It offers many health benefits, including helping to mitigate tooth and gum inflammation and improving overall dental health.

Dubbed one of the ‘good guys,’ new research suggests that a healthy dose of B.lactis BL-04 can stop bad bacteria from nipping at your heels and improve your immune system health.

Important customer update: In order to provide the best products available, we have decided to discontinue manufacturing the BLIS K-12 and BLIS M-18 probiotic strains. The current list of ingredients found in our proprietary blend is still available with no changes.

BLIS K-12 is a breath freshening product that focuses on a healthier mouth environment, promoting better immunities and respiratory health.

A big boost for users who struggle with yellowing teeth and poor oral health is the inclusion of BLIS M-18 into the ProDentim formula. Aside from promoting good oral health, it’s been known to whiten teeth.

ProDentim includes a variety of essential nutrients and key ingredients to help address health issues as well as clear congestion. It also features a selection of herbs and other plants that are traditionally used in natural medicine around the world.


Malic Acid

Dicalcium Phosphate



These ingredients make all the difference! ProDentim is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can help promote your oral health in numerous ways.


ProDentim Reviews

There have been a few ProDentim reviews published outside of the official website. However, most reviewers have been pleased with the product so far and claim to notice improvements for their oral and dental health since using them.

Here are some reviews shared by ProDentim customers on the official website:

One man claims his teeth ‘feel amazing’ for the first time in decades thanks to the oral health supporting power of ProDentim. This brand helped him feel like he was doing enough, even when he thought he was already doing everything right.

A reviewer from The Wirecutter uses ProDentim for fresh breath and contains active ingredients like peppermint to freshen breath.

One reviewer claims her dentist recommended ProDentim to her, which means at least one board-certified medical professional will recommend using ProDentim for oral health.

ProDentim has been featured in other reviews for improving the appearance of gums while also assisting in dental health. Customers say that their gums no longer looked so unhealthy and their teeth never had to worry about the potential for dental disease with ProDentim.

Using ProDentim, other reviewers claim they are able to save thousands of dollars on dental care.


Where to Get ProDentim

Like many other probiotic supplements, the price for ProDentim may seem high, but it’s worth the investment. Consumers can purchase it from only official product website. Buying multiple bottles at once will result in a fairly hefty discount, which is normal within the industry. Our wide selection of products and options gives you peace of mind. If there’s concern over whether your order will be filled, try to buy six bottles at once and save some money in the process!

Here are the prices for ProDentim as listed on the product website:

Buy one bottle for $69/Bottle
Buy three bottles for $59/Bottle
Buy six bottles for $49/Bottle

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Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to keep your mouth in great shape, but as we all know, magnesium deficiency can lead to serious health problems. With ProDentim, you can help strengthen the integrity of one of the most important parts of the body. By taking this supplement once daily, you might be able to increase the presence of healthy bacteria within your mouth and gums naturally and safely.

Your smile is super important, and it’s especially complicated. Fortunately, there’s even more complexity in the new ProDentim dental supplement. We’re excited to see how this product has merged probiotics with traditional superfoods to offer a revolutionary and personalized wellness plan in their new formula that combines personal health and oral care. As always, taking this product consistently, along with the permission of a medical professional is key to experiencing success.

Scientists have found that the lack of good bacteria is the real root cause of gum disease, and with the rising concerns about dental health, you need to start by repopulating your oral area with good bacteria that helps enhance the environment for proper oral hygiene. The ProDentim gum is doctor-formulated and scientifically proven to release these five strains over 3.5 billion of good bacteria in a fun, flavorful chew.


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