Heart Health: These symptoms can be an early warning of a heart attack, so don’t disregard them.

The risk of heart attack is increasing even in younger people, experts say, such cases have been seen increasing rapidly in the last few years, it is definitely a serious sign. Keeping such risks in mind, people of all ages need to pay special attention to taking care of heart health. Recently, comedian Raju Srivastava suffered a heart attack in the gym, after which he underwent prolonged treatment in the hospital, although he could not be saved.symptoms of heart attack

Earlier, actor Siddharth Shukla also died due to a heart attack, it is worth mentioning that these people were young. This is the reason why doctors advise all people to know about the signs and risk factors of heart disease and heart attack and keep taking preventive measures. World Heart Day on 29 September every year to make people aware of the increasing risk of heart disease.is celebrated.

In a conversation with Amar Ujala, Pune-based cardiologist Dr. Abhay Pratap Singh said that some signs of heart attack can be seen in advance, which can be prevented if taken care of in time. Often in the morning, people may experience many such problems, which are seen as a possible risk of heart attack. Since this problem is increasing in younger people also, in such a situation all people need to pay attention to such signs. Let us understand this in detail.

symptoms of heart attack in the morning

Doctor says, some conditions of heart attack can also be silent, in such situations usually no serious symptoms are seen. Heart attacks in the majority of cases occur in the morning, a phenomenon that researchers have linked to circadian rhythms. In the morning, there may be an imbalance in certain hormones, especially epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol, due to which the blood pressure starts rising. This condition can cause heart attack. Apart from this, if you keep experiencing some special symptoms in the morning, then definitely consult a specialist about this. Let’s know about this.

Discomfort or chest pain Problems

Often people feel chest pain or discomfort in the early signs of a heart attack. There may be a feeling of pressure, tightness or heaviness in the chest. Some people also experience pain that may radiate to the left arm, neck, jaw, back or abdomen. These conditions require serious attention, they can be a sign of silent heart attack or even a heart attack. Before these symptoms increase, take the help of a specialist. 

If you often feel like sweating

in the morning, then contact your doctor immediately about this. Doctors say, due to the blockage in the arteries, your heart has to work harder with more pressure for the flow of blood in the body. Such extra exertion can cause the body to sweat more to keep the body temperature down. If you experience frequent cold sweats in the morning or at midnight, consult a doctor immediately, it can also be a sign of serious conditions.

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Nausea or vomiting in the morning Nausea or vomiting

in the morning may be accompanied by abdominal pain. This type of experience with chest discomfort requires special caution. People often complain of experiences such as nausea as early signs of a heart attack. Take the help of a specialist about such problems that often occur in the morning. By doing this you can keep yourself safe from any serious risk. 

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