Does changing shampoo really cause hair fall, know the truth of the half-baked things related to such shampoo

Facts About Shampoo: Many things related to hair are often heard, but it is important to know how many are correct and how many are not.


Hair Wash:  Many different things are often heard related to hair washing and shampoo. Some say that hair should not be washed every day, then some say that shampoo should not be applied on the hair alternately, otherwise the hair gets spoiled and some say that only natural shampoos are good for hair. Huh. Many similar things are heard related to shampoo and hair wash, but it is more important to know whether these are really true facts. In this article, some such things related to shampoo are being talked about to know whether they can be called right or not. shampoo really cause hair fall

Some facts related to shampoo and hair wash. Facts About Shampoo And Hair Wash 

hair wash days 


If your friend says that she washes her hair after leaving 2 days and there is shine in her hair, so you should also do the same, then it is not necessary that you should obey her. Actually everyone’s hair is different, hair texture and needs are different and hence hair care will also be different. If you think that your hair remains fine even after washing it once in 3 days, then you do not need to pay attention to anyone else.

change shampoo frequently 


If you feel that no shampoo is working on your hair and that is why you are changing shampoo one after the other, then there is nothing much wrong in it. Just try that you find a suitable shampoo that suits your hair so that you do not need to change shampoos frequently. However, it is also necessary to keep changing shampoos while looking for the right shampoo to take care of the hair.


Natural shampoos or chemicals 


When it comes to chemicals, people start feeling that they will have a bad effect on the hair, whereas even natural shampoos on the hair do not show effect many times. Not only this, chemical shampoos fulfill the needs of hair better than natural shampoos. Therefore, it is not necessary that professional shampoos with good chemicals will prove to be bad for the hair.


hair oil 

It is said many times that it is very important to apply oil on the hair and if the oil is not applied, there is always dryness in the hair. But, hair masks can also be applied to maintain the needs and moisture of the hair. Hair masks can be made in different ways with eggs, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and fenugreek etc. Even if you do not apply oil to your hair, then applying a hair mask once a week can prove to be good for you.


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