Cracked Heels: Due to a deficit in these vitamins, the heels can break; change the diet.

Vitamin Deficiency: Vitamins are included in the list of essential nutrients for our body, if it is lacking then it has a bad effect on the skin.Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels Problem: Due to torn ankles, the beauty of the feet completely deteriorates, then people are forced to wear such footwear so that their heels are not visible. There can be many reasons behind the cracking of heels, usually bad skin, dirt, and dryness of skin in winter are responsible. But many people are unaware that your nutrition can also be responsible for this, including lack of vitamins, and hormonal imbalance. Let us know which are those vitamins, due to which the heels start cracking.

Due to the lack of these vitamins, the Cracked Heels

when the skin of our feet starts drying, then the moisture in it has decreased, due to which the skin becomes rough and layered. Usually, a fissure is responsible for causing deep cracks, it spreads to the inner layer of our skin, this effect is due to a deficiency of 3 vitamins. These include Vitamin B-3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Minerals are also important,

all these vitamins are necessary not only for the ankles but also for the entire skin. With the help of these nutrients, the production of collagen increases and the skin starts to protect, although to prevent cracking of the heels, one must also eat foods rich in minerals like zinc.

There is also a hormone imbalance, due to the responsible for Cracked Heels

hormone imbalance, your heels can crack, in which hormones like thyroid and estrogen play an important role. When the problem increases, there is a deep crack in the ankles and then blood can also come out along with the pain.

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