Cancer Symptoms: Earlier cancer therapy saves lives. Silent killer symptoms:

Cancer Treatment: There are two types of knots in the body. Out of which, one lump takes the form of cancer and the other is non-cancerous. This lump is also called a tumor. When cells grow uncontrollably, they take the form of tumors. A cancerous lump can be identified by a biopsy. It can happen in any part of the body. cancer-symptoms

Symptoms Cancer and Treatment


Lung Cancer Symptoms and Treatment: It is very difficult to identify cancer in the early stages. When cancer reaches other parts of the body, then it comes to know about it somewhere. By the time it comes to know about it, it is too late. That’s why it is also called the silent killer. Today we are going to tell about the symptoms and treatment of lung cancer.

Smoking happens because
cancer starts from the cells of the lungs, then it is called lung cancer or lung cancer. Lung cancer is fatal and the biggest reason for its occurrence is smoking. A person’s life can be saved if lung cancer is detected at the right time. According to a report, only 15 percent of lung cancer can be treated at the first stage. Even after this, the survival rate is only 54 percent. If cancer is treated at an early stage, patients live longer.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer
Cough is a symptom of lung cancer. In lung cancer, the cough becomes severe over time. It does not have any significant effect even after taking the medicine. After this, there is swelling in the lungs, blood starts coming while coughing and there is a lot of difficulty in breathing.

Treatment of lung cancer
There are treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy to treat it. In the first stage it is more likely to be cured, while in the fourth stage i.e. last stage metastasis of lung cancer, cancer spreads to other parts of the body, after which the chances of survival of the patients are very less.

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