Health talk: Can diabetes be diagnosed on the basis of change in the color of the tongue?

On the basis of change in the color of the tongue and its shape, many types of health problems can be estimated. This is the reason why often when you go to the doctor, he asks to open the mouth and stick out the tongue. In fact, on the basis of the color of the tongue, many types of problems growing in your body can be estimated. It is considered normal for the tongue to remain light pink in color, but any other type of change in its color can also indicate many serious health problems, about which all people are advised to be cautious.

Doctors believe that our tongue does not remain the same pink all the time. Sometimes it can be yellow, white or even dark red in color. These changes in color are a sign that all is not well with the body medically.

Health experts say that if you are also seeing some unusual change in your tongue or a strange change in color, then definitely consult a specialist about this. By doing this, you can identify and treat a serious disease or infection at an early stage. Let us know how health can be estimated on the basis of change in the color of the tongue? Can diabetes be detected by looking at the tongue?

Yellow tongue can be a sign of diabetes

Yellowing of the tongue Yellowing of the

tongue is usually caused by the growth of bacteria. Bad oral hygiene and dryness in the mouth also lead to the growth of bacteria, which can lead to many types of infections. Yellowing of the tongue is generally considered a symptom of jaundice, but did you know that it can also be a sign of diabetes? A 2019 study suggests that a yellow tongue could be a sign of diabetes, which needs serious attention.

black tongue problem

Blackness of the tongue: Generally, there can be a problem of blackness

in the tongue due to the accumulation of keratin on the tongue. Keratin is a protein found in skin, hair and nails. According to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, keratin buildup can cause the tongue to turn black and hairy. Problems with oral hygiene, certain types of antibiotics, or tobacco use can lead to keratin accumulation.

white spots on tongue

White spots on the tongue

If your tongue is light yellow with white spots appearing around it, then it is considered a sign of fungal infection or oral thrush. Oral thrush is a very painful condition in which thick, white or red patches can form on the tongue. In this condition the person may have trouble swallowing or eating. Another possible cause of white spots on the tongue is leukoplakia. This condition causes white patches or plaque to form on the tongue, often as a result of smoking.

Tongue may become red due to vitamin B deficiency.

Redness of tongue

Tongue red or bumpy appearance can be a sign of vitamin-B deficiency. A rough tongue condition is also considered a sign of glossitis due to which the tongue becomes swollen. In some cases it can also be a sign of Kawasaki disease. Vitamin-B deficiency can lead to a risk of nerves and a variety of other problems about which all people need to be very careful. 

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